Monday, 14 November 2016

NGC 7331 - Stephan's quintet

Look at those magnificent galaxies. NGC 7331 and Stephan's quintet lays in constellation Pegasus. If we look at that part of the sky, we don't only see just a few galaxies, but dozens of them, even through a faint layer of integrated flux nebula which surrounds Milky way. NGC7331 is the spiral galaxy on the right and NGC7317-7318A-7318B-7319-7320 on the left is the quintet, 4 of them are interacting galaxies, wich forms the most compact known galaxy group.

This image made it to APOD on 03.12.2016!

Scopes: 200/800 SkyWatcher Newton
Mounts: SkyWatcher NEQ6 pro upgraded
Guiding: Lacerta MGen autoguider
Camera: Canon EOS 600D
Exposure: 142*5 min on ISO 800
Date: from 2016.10.01-2016.10.31
Location: Mezőfalva, Csonkatorony, Ágasvár 

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  1. You are using a 200/800 skywatcher. Did you pick the 8" instead of 10 or 12 for any particular reason? Do you wish you had a 10 or 12 instead?

    1. Dear Michael! Thank You for Your comment. This is a very good question. I had been thinking this over for like a half year. I decided to choose the 8" because it has wider field of view, it is lighter, which is an important factor for my mount :-) and it is cheaper. The 10" has better resolution, but in most cases I can't make a benefit from this, since the seeing on average let me to reach 2-3 arcsec in resolution.

  2. Beautiful work - by the way!

  3. Congrats on the APOD pic! That EOS 600D is a GREAT camera, Thank you

  4. This came up in my facebook memories today. I just have to say it is one of my very favorite astronomy pictures I've ever seen. Thank you for this.